June 23, 2015

A different kind of viewbook

When the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences asked us to re-design their 2015 viewbook we jumped at the chance. The faculty offers nine degree programs, which are all completely unique from one another and we wanted the viewbook to reflect that. Instead of using the typical book format we decided to create a small folder that would have individual inserts for each program placed within it. How did we make the design appeal to a younger audience while showcasing the large variety of program options? Illustration!

This project isn’t quite finished but we wanted to share a bit of our process with you.


To get a complete understanding of each program we brainstormed using keywords, potential career options, and program descriptions. The sketches and notes look disastrous but were an important first step. You have to start somewhere, right?


Next we did rough thumbnail sketches to determine the layout of each insert card.


We kept the illustration style modern and clean, which allowed us to include plenty of different elements without making it too busy or overwhelming. Working with our clients at ALES has been a pleasure and we’re really excited to see the final product!